1-Day Stroke Correction Clinic is the very best way available to improve your freestyle swimming using all our coaching methods and full video analysis. 

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Stroke Correction Clinic

Swim Clinic

8:00 -8:10  Meet & Greet- classroom

8:20-8:45  Filming- pool

8:50-10:15 Video Analysis of each participant - classroom

10:15- 12:00 -Theory/Technique - What makes an efficient Freestyle, Training, Open water presentation -classroom

12:00-13:00 Stroke Correction Drills - pool

13:05- Group photo- pool

William Coquelin

Great Clinic! I learned a lot in a short amount of time, and the information delivered was specific to my needs. I swam an individual session right after the class and my times improved immediately. Hard to beat that!


John Orosch

Worth the cost!  Future injury prevention was my primary goal for the class.  I think it will be most effective!


Vivian Flynn  

Lance Ogren is an awesome Swim Smooth Coach. The clinic was not only highly informative but was fun to learn from others. I leaned much about what has been hindering me with a "smooth" swim. I left with many new learning skills and look forward to coming back for a re-evaluation. 


Mark James London

Thoroughly enjoyed the clinic and came away with a lot of constructive feedback on how to improve my swimming. Would highly recommend to old or young, novice or the seasoned swimmer.


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