• “The smartest thing that I did in preparation for the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim (MIMS) was to sign on to have Lance Ogren coach me.”
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    — John Hughes
  • The good news for me was swimming 5 minutes faster than my PB."
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    — John Cummings
  • Within a few sessions- my swim improved dramatically and swimming became the fastest leg of my triathlon racing. He is truly a talented coach and really wants to see his athletes improve.
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    — Maria Mahn
  • “100% wow. Knowledge delivered in a clear, articulate way = impressive! The individual analyses were extraordinary; the attention to detail and clarity of what to work on is unlike any other clinic I’ve attended.”
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    — Marty Munson
  • “Awesome clinic! Just what I needed after a couple of years of frustration. The Video analysis was really valuable. It is extremely helpful to see what you are doing right and wrong. I now have a clear view of my trouble spots and a plan to fix them.”
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    — Logan S
  • “I loved the clinic! Lance’s knowledge is grounded in his body."
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    — Dana B
  • "The clinic was great. I learned a lot from the video analysis of my swimming as well as others."
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    — Darrell A

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