Clinic / Camp / Pers. Training / Video Analysis

Below are a few questions which will help us understand your swim goals and interests, and how we can maximize our time together. Additionally, we require you to sign our liability release form. Thanks! 

Name *
I, the undersigned participant, intending to be legally bound, hereby certify that I am physically fit and have not been otherwise informed by a physician. I acknowledge that I am aware of all the risks inherent of swimming in a pool, lake, river, ocean or of any physical and non-physical activity on land during the Swim Smooth Clinic, including possible permanent disability or death, and agree to assume all of those risks. AS A CONDITION OF MY PARTICIPATION IN A SWIM SMOOTH CLINIC/CAMP OR ANY ACTIVI- TIES INCIDENT THERETO, I HEREBY WAIVE ANY AND ALL RIGHTS TO CLAIMS FOR LOSS OR DAMAGES, INCLUDING ALL CLAIMS FOR LOSS OR DAMAGES CAUSED BY THE NEGLIGENCE, ACTIVE OR PASSIVE, OF THE FOLLOWING: SWIM SMOOTH, OGREN SWIM COACHING LLC, HOST FACILITIES, AND/OR ANY INDIVIDUALS OFFICIATING AT THE CLINIC/CAMP OR SUPERVISING SUCH ACTIVITIES. Finally, I specifically acknowledge that I am aware of all the risks inherent in swimming and agree to assume those risks. AUTHORIZATION AND EVENT PROMOTION * I, the enrolled participant agree to be filmed, photographed, taped, quoted or otherwise mentioned (without compensation) by the Event Director, or by anyone authorized by the Event Director. This includes but is not limited to the official and authorized photographers , writers, hosts, or sponsors of this event under the conditions authorized by the Event Director. I give the Event Director, and anyone authorized by the Event Director, the right to use (without compensation) my name, picture, likeness, quotes, and bio- graphical information, whether audio or visual, before, during and after the period of my individual or team participation in this event. I will not promote third party sponsors, causes, or charities unless pre-approved by the Event Director.

Cancellation policy
As you can appreciate, a great deal of booking and organization goes into running a Swim Smooth Clinic or Camp and we need to know how many people will be attending so that we can prepare properly.

If you are unable to attend, please notify us : 30 days prior to a Camp / 21 days prior to a Clinic and your registration fee will be reimbursed.

Anytime there after you will unfortunately forfeit your registration fee. Ogren Swim Coaching reserves the right to cancel any Camp/Clinic due to unforeseen circumstances or insufficient enrollment, in which case registrants will receive a full refund.