MARIA MAHN, triathlete  

“I learned to swim later in life when I started competing in triathlon.  Over the course of a couple of years training with a team, I became a decent swimmer but hit a point where no matter how hard I trained or how much I swam, I wasn’t getting faster.   Lance took notice of my frustration and started working with me one on one.  Within a few sessions- my swim improved dramatically and swimming became the fastest leg of my racing.  He is truly a talented coach and really wants to see his athletes improve.”

John Cummings, Ironman 

“The good news for me was swimming 5 minutes faster than my PB. Swam 2.4 miles in 1hr 19 min. Not great for sure but a massive improvement for me. I’ve been trying to move that wall for seven years with not one second of improvement. Nothing worked for me. I swam with different tri teams, took lessons from well known swim programs, brought books, videos, etc. I cant believe what you taught me in just a couple lessons has made me a better swimmer and more importantly I believe Im not finished.”


"The smartest thing that I did in preparation for the 2013 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim (MIMS) was to sign on to have Lance Ogren coach me.  I was fairly new to open water swimming and wanted someone with the knowledge and experience to guide me in training.  Someone who could “talk the talk, and swim the swim”. In other words, someone who had already successfully swum this race, as well as other major open water accomplishments.
Lance put together a 6 month training plan that was tailored to my level of swimming, age, fitness and the race that I was preparing for.  It was a great plan which I followed religiously.  He slowly built up my yardage as the months went on, which kept me free from injury, and also included “dry land” weight training that kept my back and core strong.  He also mixed in some speed work, which I didn’t understand at first.  He told me that you might have a need for speed to overcome a tough current or for the finish.  Sure enough, 2 hours into the race, with the tide turning against us, I had to sprint for a solid hour in order to make it into the Harlem River before over 20 others got pulled out for not making it out of the East River in time.  That was a game changer, and those who were not prepared to put the hammer down and swim fast were done for the day.  Thanks coach!
The guy really cares about you also.  He came down to the start area for the swim to be with me.  Knowing that I was nervous, he turned to me and told me that I had done the work, and now all that was left was to get in the water, have some fun, and do it..  Those words rang so true.  I had followed the plan he had put together, had done all the work, and I was truly prepared for success.   Knowing that I was ready and up to the task at hand, really calmed my nerves and it turned out to be an epic day.
Thanks to the training, friendship and guidance that he provided, I was one of 11 out of the 39 who entered the race to finish.  I’ll always be grateful to Lance for the help that he gave me in accomplishing this dream."

Marty Munson, Triathlete, Marathon swimmer, Coach 

100% wow. Knowledge delivered in a clear, articulate way = impressive! The individual analyses were extraordinary; the attention to detail and clarity of what to work on is unlike any other clinic I’ve attended.

Logan S, swimmer

Awesome clinic! Just what I needed after a couple of years of frustration. The Video analysis was really valuable. It is extremely helpful to see what you are doing right and wrong. I now have a clear view of my trouble spots and a plan to fix them.

Dana B, USMS Recorder Holder 

I loved the clinic! Lance’s knowledge is grounded in his body. His demonstrations as well as his clear explanations were effective – it was relatively easy to both visualize and get a feel for what I should be doing in the water. Lance is a generous spirit – the essence of a good teacher. He led the group with warm humor, paid attention to each of us, and made sure to move along at an appropriate clip. I got in the water the day after the clinic, before I had reviewed my video analysis, and was amazed and PLEASED at how much I remembered. Whether we were doing drills or 300 repeats, I was thinking about my stroke in a new and clearly more effective way. I couldn’t be happier with the experience. Thanks so much!!!

Darrell A, Triathlete  

The clinic was great. I learned a lot from the video analysis of my swimming as well as others. Lance was super helpful and explained everything clearly. I thought having him walk us through some of the key drills at the end was really helpful. Well worth the money.

JANINE SERRELL, Marathon Swimmer

 I went from struggling with a 10k, current assist river swim to swimming 28.5 miles around Manhattan in a little more than 9 hrs. I couldn't have gotten here without Lance's knowledge & ability to train me.- Janine Serrell 


In only a few sessions, Lance gave me the tools to vastly improve the speed and efficiency of my swimming.  He don’t offer any quick fixes or special magic, but a method and path for those willing to apply themselves—one produced measurable progress quickly.  I can’t say enough about his skill at teaching and inspiring.