Dead Fish Handshake

Swimming with a relaxed recovery is great, just don't go too far and allow the wrist/fingers to go limp upon entry into the water. Aim to keep the fingers held gently together with moderate tone throughout the hand and wrist. 

Wrist 1 .png
Fingers splayed .png
Becky proper .png

Conversely, too much tension in the hand and wrist can travel up the arm and cause the swimmer to swim stiff. Getting hand tone correct may sound a bit confusing, but while in Perth, Australia studying alongside Paul Newsome, founder of Swim Smooth, he demonstrated proper tone. He had a swimmer give him 3 handshakes; a really strong handshake, a dead fish handshake, and one in the middle spectrum of the previous two.

Dead Fish.jpeg


Practice the scull drill and aim to keep that middle of the spectrum tone in your hand and ditch the dead fish!

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