The Power of Mindset

In my seven years as a professional swim coach I have seen a lot of success and a lot of frustration from my swimmers. 

While observing the differences between swimmers who succeed and those who fall short, I have noticed patterns. The patterns that dictate whether swimmers succeed or fall short are demonstrated in their mindset everyday at practice. 

Try to answer the following questions and see where you fit in:  

- Were you able to make it to practice on time today? 

- Do you stand on the deck catatonic from the neck down waiting for the coach to give warm-up? 

- Are you allowing external factors dictate your mood (i.e water temperature, air temperature, lane space, not my favorite coach)? 

- Are you a little tired, possibly regretting getting out of bed?

- Are you lamenting that you can no longer swim as fast as you use to (whether it was last season or 15 years ago)?

- Did you forget your water bottle in the locker room?

Now, try these out:

- Are you on time, ready to go? 

- Are you performing some dynamic stretches on the deck before warm-up?

- You remembered your water bottle!

- Did you the leave the outside world at the gate?

- Are you ready to work on a specific technical flaw pointed out in your last swim lesson?

- Are you focused on the things you have control over, such as your breathing, your mind, and your positive attitude?

- Are you fueling properly throughout the day so you can recover better for tomorrow’s workout?

- After the workout did you congratulate yourself for the effort? (High fives!) 

Hi Five! .png

Attitude and preparedness will change your workout. Your mindset will determine your success.