Open Water training at the pool!

In my last blog, I spoke about Swim Smooth’s three keys to swim development, which are Technique, Training, and Open Water Skills.

How do you train for the open water in the winter? Easy. 

Here are 5 skills to work on (in the pool) to ensure you’re ready for open water season. 

Breathing: make sure you are practicing breathing onboth sides (bilateral breathing). Your favorite side to breathe to may not be an option come race day due to waves, sun glare, or navigation benefits. Learning how to bilateral breathe also helps you swim straight!

Sighting: grab a pair of fins and sight every 6 strokes. I have found that sighting is easiest when combined with breathing to your favorite side. 

Drafting: swim with a buddy and stay right on their toes focusing on swimming in their bubbles. Swim 200 yards switching the lead position after each 50 so each swimmer can feel the difference of drafting as opposed to being the leader. 


Tarzan swimming/water polo drill: swim with your head out of the water for 10 strokes then finish the length with your head in the water. Try to keep your head straight when performing this drill. 

Side by side swim: arrange 2 or 3 swimmers across in a lane and perform 8x25’s fast. This will get you use to swimming in close quarters, mimicking a race start. 


Give these ideas a try and you’ll be ready for the open water this season!