Just Hanging Around

A simple yet effective exercise for your overall health is hanging.

I started hanging about a year ago and the results have been incredible. Hanging has improved my shoulder mobility, strength, and posture; three imperative things for swimmers. 

Hanging also helps develop wrist and forearm strength aka grip strength. Why is it important to develop wrist and forearm strength? Think about it, if you are going to do any exercise that requires the use of your hands, developing grip strength is a great place to start. 

Another benefit of hanging is that it decompresses the spine. If you are seated for long periods of time, run, walk, cross train -your spine can become compressed. Hanging will help undo pressure built up in your spine. 

Here are two hangs to get you started:

1. Passive hang - grip bar and relax the entire body down. Shoulders into ears, keep elbows straight and let gravity do the rest. 

2. Active hang - start off in a passive hang and simply lower your shoulders down keeping the elbows straight. Active hangs can be done as reps or for time. 


A great dry land exercise for swimmers are pull-ups yet they can be challenging if it’s been a while since you last did them. I’ll often recommend passive and active hangs to build a base before moving onto pull-ups. 

No pull up bar, no problem. Visit Amazon and pick up one of these for your home and office. I received one about 10 years ago as a Christmas gift (thanks JG) and have since gifted a few myself. Unfortunately, the code Ogren25 won’t work on Amazon, but it’s still good for all your swimming needs at the Finis store


Until next time, hang in there.