Tarzan Drill

Would you like to become a stronger swimmer? Would you like to develop better rhythm and timing with your stroke?

If so, here is the drill for you! Tarzan drill, aka water polo drill, is a great drill to practice regularly.

 If you have never done Tarzan drill or it has been awhile since you’ve performed it, I recommend starting off with a short distance.

 Try a set of 4x25’s as 1/2 length Tarzan drill followed by 1/2 length swim with a high turnover resting 20 seconds after each 25.

If that feels too easy try 4x50’s 25 Tarzan drill/25 swim.


How to do this drill properly:

-     Swim with your head out of the water and your chin at the surface of the water.

-     Keep your head as straight as possible only turning it to the left or right to get a breath of air.

-     Pick up your turnover and swim with a strong cadence (no gliding).


Adding Tarzan drill to your workouts will improve your swim strength and cadence of your freestyle!